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Industrial cleaning equipment, parts, accessories, repairs and more.

Trade-in offers on listed products:

  1. Waste-Oil furnaces and boilers

  2. Hot and cold water pressure washers

  3. Parts washers

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Atlantic Chemex

Our Featured Products

Company Profile

Established in 1987, by Christopher Casey. Atlantic Chemex Limited serves the Atlantic provinces as the leading distributor of such industrial equipment as:

  • EnergyLogic Waste--Oil Furnaces/Boilers

  • Landa Pressure Washers

  • Landa Parts Washers

  • WaterMaze Water Treatment Systems

  • Thermax Hot Water Cleaning Extractor

  • Cleaning Supplies to suit your needs

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Our Mission

"To provide  all our customer's with the best & most innovative environmental solutions for industrial cleaning equipment and through the recycling of used oils with our Waste Oil furnaces & boilers and the reclaiming of solar energy offering many heating options to yield long term savings"

Our #1 rated industrial equipment is fully supported with our factory trained full service dealership and we take pride in being a leader with expertise in our many product lines for all our environmental equipment solutions.

Used Oil Systems

Let us offer you a solution to industrial heating costs, through our line of waste oil heaters and boilers, where you can recycle and reclaim waste oil into FREE heat for your business! EnergyLogic waste-oil furnaces and boilers have the capacity to generate from 140,000 to 500,000 BTU’s of heat energy.

EnergyLogic is the #1 rated furnace in the industry and includes the most standard features of any other product on the market. They carry the industry's most comprehensive warranty. Built with the customer in mind, they require minimal maintenance and are they most reliable on the market.



Parts and Pressure Washers

We are proud to be the largest LANDA dealer in Atlantic Canada, offering over 200 models of both hot and cold pressure washers as well as several models of parts washers. Well known for Safety, Quality and Innovation, LANDA equipment is built to last!


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Radiant Heater

Experience optimal warmth with Sunfire Radiant Heaters, revolutionizing heating solutions. Our advanced infrared technology ensures efficient, targeted warmth, bringing comfort to garages, workshops, and outdoor spaces. Designed for easy installation and user-friendly operation, these heaters are as practical as they are powerful. With cost-effective energy consumption and durable construction, Sunfire Heaters stand out in terms of longevity and performance. Discover a new era of heating solutions that prioritize efficiency and adaptability. Elevate your space with Sunfire Radiant Heaters – where innovation meets unmatched comfort.

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Water Treatment

Seven wastewater treatment technologies used by Water Maze for industrial water treatment.
There are seven predominant water treatment technologies used to treat industrial wastewater, specifically wastewater generated in high-pressure cleaning applications.

Cleaning Chemicals

We carry 14 product lines of detergents, including all purpose cleaners, alkaline degreasers and tar cutting agents.


Stay In Touch.

Atlantic Chemex Limited

280 Main Street

Truro, NS B2N 4H4


Tel: 902-893-4488

Fax: 902-893-1500

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