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Waste Oil Systems

You can recycle and reclaim waste oil into FREE heat for your business!

Let us offer you a solution to industrial heating costs, through our line of waste oil heaters and boilers.

EnergyLogic is the #1 rated in the furnace industry and includes the most standard features of any other product on the market. They carry the industry's most comprehensive warranty. Built with the customer in mind, they require minimal maintenance and are the most reliable on the market.

Lowest maintenance


You only need about 90 minutes a year to clean your entire EnergyLogic waste oil heating system. Other brands require 90 minutes of maintenance a week. That’s right — a week. What’s your time worth? (Here’s a thought: Let your dealer take care of the cleaning and you don’t have to worry about maintenance at all.)




The industry's best warranty


EnergyLogic gives you two years on parts* and ten years on the combustion chamber, which means you’re covered for two entire heating seasons, versus just one. That’s double what any other brand offers. Don’t take our word for it, though. Ask to read their user manuals.

*One year warranty standard. Second year warranty requires product registration. Other terms and conditions apply.


Twice the heat rise



Heat rise is the difference between the room temperature air being pulled into your furnace and the heat coming out. Our heaters produce two times the heat rise in no time flat, meaning that, on a cold day, we heat up your shop far quicker than any other brand.



The best support



                                                                With EnergyLogic, you don’t just get a waste oil heater. You also get the best support in the industry. We are the                                                                      only manufacturer that offers both field support from our authorized factory trained service network, and phone                                                                        support from a dedicated tech services team. In fact, there’s nothing we like more than talking to our customers.                                                                      Every time you call, we answer — live and in person. Go ahead, test us: (800) 335-3092.



Top-notch references



Ford, Caterpillar, Walmart, CNH, Frito Lay, John Deere, US Military, Toyota, Hertz, Valvoline, CSX, Goodyear, Jiffy Lube, BNSF, Meineke, NAPA, Tyson, National Guard, Union Pacific, NYSADA, Pilot, CARQUEST, Pepsi, Firestone, Chevrolet, Mercedes, BMW, Big-O Tires, Hyundai, Nissan, VW, Chrysler, Jeep, Waste Management, Cadillac, Canadian Tire, Honda, Subaru, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Infiniti, Lexus, U-Haul, Midas, Perdue Farms, Saturn, International Trucks, Western Express, Kenworth, First Fleet and more.



Patented performance



                                                           From the very beginning, EnergyLogic has been on the leading edge of waste oil combustion technology. That is                                                                     evident by the patents we have created through the years that provide our waste oil heaters and boilers with distinct                                                               advantages. Our patents start with the fuel delivery system, then the preheater followed by the nozzle block assembly                                                             and then the flame retention head. At each critical point in the waste oil heating system, you will find we have                                                                           designed a better way to turn your used oil into savings. And, we have the patents to prove it.

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